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Student from Ins. Jaume Huguet, Valls, Tarragona

Hi! I’m a student from Institut Jaume Huguet. I really loved the talk today and I enjoyed listening to you. I think we needed someone who told us about the management of our time because these last months we have been really stressed and full of exams. I also think that being a native (because I think you are a native, or at least you seemed to be) from an English-speaking country made us pay more attention to the talk. because sometimes a talk in Catalan or Spanish can be very boring. Thank you so much.

Ciara 18 years old

After meeting with Goldie for a little less than a year now, I can truly say that she’s helped me change for the better. She’s helped me realize what my ultimate goals are in life, and how I can reach those goals in ways that are obtainable and specifically tailored to me. She truly listens to what I have to say and doesn’t judge in any way, shape, or form. She guided me through a time in my life when I didn’t think things would ever get better. She helped me become a better version of myself, and with every session, I feel clearer and more confident in my abilities. I greatly appreciate the time and effort she’s put into helping me even when I thought I didn’t need it was when I really needed that persistence the most.

Paula 17 years old

Working with Goldie has opened my mind a lot and to see that everything has a reason and a solution. I recommend it to all kinds of people and ages, since it is a great support that depending on the situations of each person, and their objectives to meet, works on one thing or another. A very positive point is that the objectives to be improved are set by the patient himself, being aware of and identifying his own difficulties in order to solve them.

Kathleen Doherty

After 4 weeks of working with Goldie, I have seen many positive changes in the relationship between my daughter and me. She has the ability to carefully listen, then ask questions that gently guide you to the heart of the problem. Focusing on my daughter’s strengths and success was the pathway to rebuilding the trust which had broken down between us. Thank you for bringing calmness back into our home!

Mother of Maria (13 years old)

Hi Goldie, as I told you when we spoke on the phone, we understand the sessions as a transformation work in the medium-long term but it is evident that they are already having their effect, as he says, they are helping him to get to know himself better. I take this opportunity to thank you again for the work you are doing with María. Keep in touch

Ivan Gonzalez (Executive Coaching)

Thank you very much for coaching our daughter. When we moved to Madrid it wasn’t always easy for her, especially as a teenager it is sometimes difficult to process so many new impressions in life. Ella’s coaching really helped her and us as a family. Mother of a teenager (13 years old) I have had the opportunity to have Goldie as a coach. From the very first session, her exceptional knowledge and capacity to tag and structure emotions gave me the opportunity to improve as a person and professionally. I cannot thank you enough for how much you contributed to my growth of her during difficult times. Highly recommended

Teenager (13 years old)

Goldie is an amazing life coach who helped me get through a hard time in my life. Within a few months, she boosted my confidence and taught me how to manage my emotions and identify my priorities. Goldie guided me and showed me what my important values ​​were. She listens to me and always gives me the best advice. I am glad to have met her and I strongly recommend her.

Tatiana, 15 years old

I completely recommend coaching with Goldie! One of the many things coaching really helped me with was worrying about things after I’ve done them and social situations in general. I use the methods she has taught me in my everyday life, and it really helps with my social anxiety! Goldie is very calm and a great listener. She lets you talk, and when you’re finished she gives you fabulous feedback. Thank you, Goldie!

Mireia Boix

Goldie helps you understand some things that happen to you and gives you the tools to improve, always with respect. I would highlight his empathy when accompanying you to be a better person

Sandra Cantarell

Goldie as a Coach is very skilled in her ability to listen carefully and with her questions make you think. He has had a very positive impact on me in helping me achieve the challenge I set for myself. He generates confidence and gives security. It’s what he needed. Thanks.

Mother of a 14-year-old boy

I have had the opportunity to meet Goldie as she was my son’s Coach. Her calm and caring demeanor coupled with engaging questions helped my son tremendously towards recognizing his goals. I thank Goldie for his help and encourage everyone to benefit from his coaching.

Saz Saffari

Coaching has brought a new approach to how to deal with existing problems; Goldie has helped me reflect on problems and opportunities, as well as equip myself with tools and techniques to deal with them. All this in an environment that I have found very relaxing, very conducive and a reflection of his serene methods but with firm purposes. The feedback is continuous and productive, during and at the end of the sessions. This has allowed me to take good advice and many questions that open up possibilities for reflection between sessions. Highly recommended!

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